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2023/10/11 new

■Trail Conditions and Equipment

The first snow fell on October 5, but as of October 9, there is no snow on the trail from the Nakabusa trailhead to Enzanso Hut.
From now on, snow conditions and trail conditions will change on a daily basis.
Please check the blogs of Enzanso Group for the latest information and come prepared.
Also, please check the weather forecast for both the day of ascent and descent.

1)Required equipment
・Climbing shoes (no sneakers or boots)
・Warm clothing such as down jackets, knit hats, gloves, etc.
・Warm drinks and high-calorie food・Light crampons

2)Please check each lodge’s blog for the latest information.
Enzanso Hut Blog
Daitenso Hut Blog
Ariakeso Hot Spring Inn Blog

3)Enzanso Group ‘s Hutte Oyari Hut has closed for the year 2023 after the October 9th stay.

Azumino Tourist Information  Asumino City

Northern Japan Alps Panorama-Ginza Hiking Map(Asumino City)

Introduction to the Northern Japan Alps

Hiking the Japan Alps


ENZANSO Group(English)

1. For mountain climbers of the Northern Alps in Japan

First and foremost, the Northern Alps are noted for their high elevation. Eight peaks are more than 3,000 meters in
height, and almost all of the other mountains are above 2,500 meters, which is above the timber line. Climbers need to
prepare themselves for the special weather conditions of high mountain ranges such as strong winds, cold temperatures,
snow, and geographical features.

2. About the Enzanso Group

Enzanso is a mountain hut on the ridgeline from the top of Mt. Tsubakurodake (2,763 m) in the Northern Alps in Nagano
Prefecture, Japan. Founded in 1921, it is one of the leading historic mountain huts in the Japan Alps and celebrates its
ccentenary in 2021. Ariakeso, Daitenso, Hutte Oyari, and Kassengoya and the Tenkei Travel Agency are part of the Enzanso

●Enzanso Hut
(Altitude: 2,712 m)

30 min from the top of Mt. Tsubakurodake (2,763 m)

●Ariakeso Hot Spring Inn
(Altitude: 1,380 m)

Lodging / hot spring / day visitor bathing

●Daitenso Hut
(Altitude: 2,880 m)

10 min from the top of Mt. Otenshodake (2,922 m)

●Hutte Oyari Hut
(Altitude: 2,884 m)

1 hr from the top of Mt. Yari (3,180 m)

●Kassengoya Hut
(Altitude: 2,350 m)

Just for a rest


Travel agency for overseas trekking activities

Ariakeso to Enzanso Hut
– Beginners’ course

It is 700 m and 15 minutes on foot from Ariakeso Hot Spring Inn to Mt. Tsubakurodake trailhead. To Enzanso, it is a
distance of 5.5 km and an elevation gain of 1,303 m from the trailhead, taking 5 hours to climb on a maintained trail.
There are rest benches: the first, second, third and Fujimi benches are situated about every 45 minutes until you arrive
at the Kassengoya Hut in a zigzag climb taking 4 hours. From Kassengoya, it takes 90 minutes to Enzanso, passing through
Kassen-one-no-kashira (trig point) where the view opens up. It takes 30 minutes from Enzanso to the top of Mt.
Tsubakurodake (2,763 m).

Enzanso to Daitenso
– Intermediate course

From Enzanso, it takes 3 hours 30 minutes on the traverse course (Omote-ginza course) and allows you to view Mt. Yari
all the way through. Daitenso is just under the top of Mt. Otenshodake (2,922 m), which is the highest peak of Azumino
City. It is 10 minutes from Daitenso hut to the top.

Daitenso to Hutte Oyari
– Advanced course

Continuing along the Omote-ginza traverse course from Daitenso for 7 hours with a view of the Yari-Hotaka Mountain Range
will take you to Hutte Oyari. It takes 1 hour from the hut to the summit of Mt. Yari.

3. Service


• Reservation is necessary for an overnight stay.


• The majority of rooms are communal.
• Enzanso and Daitenso have some private rooms.
• Private rooms only in Ariakeso Hot Spring Inn.
(Single room reservation is required for private rooms)


• Breakfast and dinner are served according to the sunrise and sunset time. Dinner will be served in order of guests’
arrival and may be served several times depending on the number of guests on the day. Breakfast is served on a first
come first serve basis.
• Those with allergies are advised to make their own meal arrangements.
• Please inform us in advance if you are vegetarian.

Lights-out time

Electricity is powered by in-house generators. Lights-out is at 20:30.


Cash payments only. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.



Rules on Our Mountain

For the purpose of protecting natural environments and precious wild animals such as rock ptarmigans, we kindly ask
hikers to refrain from bringing any pets in the Northern Japan Alps.

4. For First Time Climbers of Mt. Tsubakurodake, the Northern Japan Alps

5. History of Enzanso

Enzanso was founded by Chihiro Akanuma in 1921 and was passed on
through three generations: from Chihiro, through Atsuo, and to Kenji Akanuma.
The current main building was built in 1935, and the timber used in its construction was carried by hand from
around the third bench (elevation 2,000 m).
From the time of its founding, they have served items such as coffee, tea, as well as curry and rice, which was
a very modern menu at that time and has continued to the present day. The “Sun Room” cafeteria is one of the
most popular features of Enzanso. While enjoying coffee, cake, and draft beer, you can enjoy a beautifully
scenic sunrise and views of Mt. Fuji, Mt. Asama, and Nagano.
Special bedding (futon type sleeping bag) was jointly developed by Mizuno Corporation and Kenji Akanuma. Made
from a cotton material that greatly retains heat, it also eliminates odors and bacteria, and remains dry. It is
always comfortable and kept clean.Toilets are a portaloo style.

Rock ptarmigan

Rock ptarmigan can be seen from Mt. Kita-Tsubakurodake, along the
ridgeline of Omote-ginza course, and around Enzanso. Japan’s rock ptarmigan are carefully protected, so they are
not afraid of humans – a fact that is quite surprising for ptarmigan researchers around the world.

Komakusa (dicentra peregrina)

In July the pale pink komakusa, commonly called “queens of alpine
plants”, begin to bloom.

Strange rocks

In the area around Mt. Tsubakurodake and Enzanso, you can enjoy a
number of strangely shaped rocks such as Dolphin Rock, Gorilla Rock, Spectacles Rock, and Lion Rock.

6. Facilities

Enzanso Hut

Open April 22to November 25, 2023
Around New Year’s Day from late December 2023 to early January 2024
Rate One night with breakfast and dinner – ¥15,000 (1 adult) Reservation required

Front desk, rooms (communal, private), shop, ‘Sun Room’ cafeteria, restaurant (lunch available), clinic,
campsite (40 tents:Reservation required)

Ariakeso Hot Spring Inn

April 21 to  November  5, 2023
On November 6, only one-day bathing will be open.
Closed:May 10, June 7, July 5, Sep6,October 11
Rate One night with breakfast and dinner (1 adult) – from ¥13,000~  Reservation required

Front desk, rooms (private), shop, restaurant (lunch available), bath , lounge

* Ariakeso is located in Nakabusa Gorge, surrounded by the famous peaks of the Northern Alps in Chubu Sangaku National
Park: Mt. Tsubakurodake, Mt. Otenshodake, and Mt. Ariake. It takes 40 minutes by car from the center of Azumino City.
You can enjoy natural hot springs in this unexplored area and experience the beautiful changes of nature through the
seasons. It is 700 m to the trailhead of Mt. Tsubakurodake. You can use the hut as a starting and finishing point. There
is also a bus stop to Hotaka Station at the hut.

Daitenso Hut

Open June 17 to November 4, 2023
Rate One night with breakfast and dinner – ¥15,000 (1 adult)  Reservation required

Front desk, rooms (communal, private), shop, restaurant (lunch available), lounge, campsite (50 tents)

* Daitenso is located 10 minutes from the top of Mt. Otenshodake (2,922 m), which is the highest peak of Azumino City.
It is built on the fork between Mt. Yari and Mt. Jonen, and is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Northern
Alps. It is a quiet and comfortable mountain hut and there are many opportunities to see rock ptarmigan.

Hutte Oyari Hut

Open July 1 to October 9, 2023
Rate One night with breakfast and dinner – ¥14,000 (1 adult)  Reservation required

Front desk, rooms (communal,), shop, restaurant (lunch available)

* Hutte Oyari is located 900 m from the summit of Mt. Yari, at the golden spot to view the spectacular mountain – ‘not
too close’ and ‘not too far’.

Kassengoya Hut

Open from late April to early in November , 2023

shop, lounge, restaurant (lunch available)

Specialty watermelon(Summer) noodles(launch)

7. Access

By Train
■From Tokyo

Board the Chuo Line limited express train from Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto Station (approx. 2 hrs. 50
min.). From Matsumoto Station, transfer to the Oito Line to Hotaka station (30 min.). From Hotaka
Station, take the Nakabusa Onsen regular bus or taxi to Mt. Tsubakurodake trailhead. (approx. 1 hr).

■From Osaka

Take the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train from Osaka Station to Nagoya Station (1 hr). From Nagoya
Station, board the Chuo Main Line limited express train to Matsumoto Station (2 hr.). Then From
Matsumoto Station, transfer to the Oito Line to Hotaka station (30 min.). From Hotaka Station, take the
Nakabusa Onsen regular bus or taxi to Mt. Tsubakurodake trailhead. (approx. 1 hr).

By Car From the Azumino interchange exit of the Nagano Expressway, take National Route 147 to Mt.Tsubakurodake
trailhead for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.


You can see the information of the mountain huts of the whole North Alps.

Japan Alpin lodge Association web site


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